Monday, April 1, 2013

Learning but Living

Lots to ponder these days. Great and challenging topics. God knows I certainly love to there's no topic I won't consider. Wow, it gets a bit more difficult when the topic at hand is related to something my heart values though. Not just "value" actually. More like...something that is a part of me. A passion. Whew!!! means a lot more is on the table than just a concept. It feels like my design and my dreams are laid out bare. Vulnerability 101.

Not that I'm upset by any means. The discussions are all very honorable. It's just pushing on deeper "buttons" for this girl...

So...God and I are taking some walks. Haha. It's a thing we do (and hopefully MN weather will start being more supportive of the ventures). He reminds me of who He is, and I can rest there. As a result, I fall more in love with Him every day. I am learning to recognize His delight more and more, and I don't want to be anywhere but in it.

Everyone has their Bibles out and is prayerfully considering position...myself included...but wow, I'm loving my identity time with Him. Helps steady the boat while God inevitably puts His glory on display.

Here's to open hearts and clearer vision.

And...hehe...I can't forget one of my life theme songs. :) I jump around to this on occasion...replacing "sun" with "Son"...powerful for me in the story God is writing in my life. Enjoy!


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