Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Three "Feels" Of Sarah

I get a lot of heat from the intellectuals that I tend to use the word "feel" instead of "think". ;) It's not my fault!! Haha! I can't help my wiring...couldn't be more real for this girl! The bummer with the English language is that one word can have so many meanings...ex. "love" (I love my Mom, I love ice cream...?) So...because of the linguistic ambiguity (yep, big words), I think I should clarify my "feels".

#1...Physical "Feeling"

I'm extremely tactile. I literally could touch everything. 100% sensory. Sometimes I have to restrain myself because I could go off the deep end into "touchy". As such...must wait for right times. Haha! Give me satin, give me flower petals, give me sand...sigh...fabulous. Silk, backwards velvet, chalk...they'll elicit nausea. I can't help it!

#2...Emotional "Feeling"

I have powerful emotions. If I'm feeling's all the way...and then some. I pretty much cry daily...for happiness, sadness, anger, adorableness (new word). Oh times. ;) I blame my Dad...genetics. Haha! I've actually learned to love my emotions. I'm not driven by them, but I absolutely pay attention to them. Following them to where they are rooted in my heart...the deeper things...profoundly helpful to me.

#3...Spiritual "Feeling"

Seriously...this is as equally real as the other two. Sometimes, I experience it with one of the other two feelings. An emotion that's not mine...something of God's heart for someone...perhaps an intercessory expression. Hearing a sound, seeing a sight...that might not physically be there. (Haha!...Don't freak out!!...Yet.) It's like I bump into the eternity that truly envelopes our reality. The realer real. Other times, I've noticed a spiritual "feeling" that can be distinct from the others too. You know what it's like to feel like you are in someone's then look up...and see that it's true? I "feel" that way sometimes with God's gaze. I get the sense that He's looking at something, and I try to pay attention to His focus...on me, on someone or something else, a truth, a confirmation... It's a soulful "thickness"...sweet like chocolate, smooth like butter, tingly like goose's swimming in the deep waters. Definitely not perfect, yet...but like anything else, it's improving! :)

Before you go crazy with "she's nuts!"'s not just me!!! Haha! It's just a few of the many ways He interacts with us. Yep...even the intellectuals can be "feeling" Him too...just in their particular "booky" way. ;)

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