Monday, April 22, 2013

Tough One

Ugh...convictions. Those deeply held beliefs about God, ourselves, morality, roles, responsibilities.... We all have them. We all value them.

And...we all need to respect them in others. (with obvious exceptions in issues of the value of life and justice)

It's God's way...the way of honor.

Sometimes there are issues where a compromise in convictions is actually possible. Appropriate moments to have exceptions to the rule. Other times...they separate us.

Oh,'s so sad when disagreement in convictions has to be the force that alters a course...for a time...for always. So very sad.

But expecting someone to be someone they aren't...that seems somehow worse. A tragedy.

I try to guard my heart pretty closely when I know there's an issue that will relate to...well, the heart of area where I feel a great deal of divine freedom. Way more personal than the average issue. But, all the insulation in the world can't completely brace against the weight of knowing that our heart's "yes" has to be another's "no". Nothing prepares a person for that...on all sides. But...being realistic on the front end...probably way better in the long-run. Honoring who people are...always good.

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