Saturday, April 13, 2013

Brennan Manning

Wow...I heard some sad news today. Probably one of the most influential authors and teachers in my life...Brennan Manning...passed away yesterday. I'm so very glad that his suffering is over. It's just that I'm so enormously grateful for every good gift he gave that I'm a sad girl today.

Brennan was a ragamuffin who opened up the world of being an Abba's child. Not just a believer, a follower or even a "sinner saved by grace". He invited us all into...sonship. His books were powerfully challenging, but somehow it was his teaching (and his life story) that impacted me more. His experience and honesty told me it was ok to be me...the girl who knew God loved her...and that there was so much more to life than I ever dreamed. He showed me Jesus...and a grace that calls us all forth into identity and holiness.

He used to always quote a beautiful passage from Song of Songs...and invitation to a powerful love..."Come, my love. My lovely one, come. For see the winter has passed. The snows are over and gone. The flowers appear in the land. The season of joyful songs has come. The cooing of turtle doves is heard in our land. Come now, my love." A precious picture of the heart of God. It ruined me forever...and I'll love him for it always.


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