Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Jesus in the Middle

A woman told me a story once...a moment from her life. She had an experience with Jesus during a moment of abuse that impacted her view of her safety and security...something that strengthened her heart and kept her moving in pursuit of relational health.

She and her spouse were in a verbally tense conversation...becoming increasingly abusive...and she was prompted to leave the room to decelerate the situation. Well...that didn't go over too well. He followed her down the hall hurling words aimed right for her heart. As she turned to face him, she realized she was looking right at Jesus. He was between them. She watched her husband's words come out of his mouth and pierce through Jesus' back. The words didn't stop there though...they passed through Him and came out as His words to her heart. Words of love, encouragement...safety. Her heart was protected...and she was able to respond accordingly. While her marriage did not last, her heart found a new strength and peace...all because Jesus was in the middle.

Well...it is a story that has been challenging my own heart lately. Looking at the past...applying it to the present. Having Jesus in the middle of my messy moments.

During the singing part of worship on Sunday, the image invaded my mind as I was wrestling with a couple of those "old" scenarios. The kind that push the bitterness buttons. I was telling God that I'd like to be done with having those moments press on my heart the way they do. And without any hesitation...in that moment of my visual prayer...I saw Jesus move between me and my "enemies". He was right in the middle. His position was such that His form completely covered theirs. I could only see Him. His eyes. Bitterness fell away. Peace replaced it.

I have to say...it's a visual I am continuing to use. So unbelievably helpful in focusing solely on Him...and letting anything else that would tear at the heart just fall away. Responding from that place??...powerful.

Wow...Jesus in the Middle.

(The song we were singing in church when my prayer took a turn.) :)


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