Monday, April 8, 2013

International Day

I love other cultures. I think having a multi-cultural family has helped grow that appreciation. The history, the customs, traditions and values...the food!! Well, my job is also an outlet for my need for cultural exposure...many kids from all over the place (Kenya, Liberia, Ethiopia, Korea, Philippines, China, Russia, Mexico...). I love to celebrate them...and they love to be celebrated. Hence...they bring us food sometimes. YUM!!! Today, there's Liberian food on the menu. Spicey yumminess...and I ain't sharing. ;)

As a side...I notice some people who haven't had a ton of exposure to "people from other places" really have no idea how to react to the foods/customs of others. They tend to do the "EWW!" thing when they try their food, or they comment on how "WEIRD!" things are. Oh my...that's so offensive. Degrading something they love...who they are!!! aware and be polite! If you don't like it...don't broadcast it. In fact, if you have to communicate something, make it about how YOU can't handle spice or something like that. They have a reaction to our food by the way...way outside their "normal". My nieces (who come from Ethiopia) thought pizza was the most disgusting thing they'd ever seen...hehe.

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